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The following books are available to order online.  All prices below include shipping & handling.

Water Rights in Nevada

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by Michael D. Buschelman, Farr West Engineering, Hugh Ricci, Retired Nevada State Engineer, & Chris Facque, Farr West Engineering

Price:  $33.00

The Water Rights in Nevada (Basic) Class Book represents the outline utilized for instruction of our introductory class to water rights, and the history of the legislative actions that have created the statutes that are commonly referred to today as Nevada Water Law.  The booklet is an abridged summary of water right policies and procedures.  The booklet is meant to be a basic reference for water right policies and processes.  There are several copies of documents included in the booklet to provide the reader with actual documents utilized on a daily basis.  The booklet, along with the water rights course, is intended to provide the reader with a broad overview of water right policies, procedures and statutes in Nevada.  

Advanced Water Rights in Nevada

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by Michael D. Buschelman, Farr West Engineering,  Hugh Ricci, Retired Nevada State Engineer, & Chris Facque, Farr West Engineering

Price:  $38.00

The Advanced Water Rights Class Book is a compilation of water right documents which provide the reader with actual case file examples.  This booklet is best utilized in a classroom setting with input from the instructors.  The copies of documents provide the instructors with the ability to interact with the students in the class to explore options to resolve issues, strategies for protecting the good standing of a water right, discussion topics to provide more input on personal issues related to water rights and opportunities to look forward to upcoming water right policy changes and adaptations.

Operational Value of the Well Book Cover.jpg
Chemical Cleaning Book Cover.jpg

Operational Stage of the Well

by: Thomas H. Hanna, PG; Michael J. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW; John H. Schnieders, Ph.D., CPC

Price: $45.00

Evaluating the Forms of Water Well Deterioration and Developing Corrective Actions


Chemical Cleaning, Disinfection & Decontamination of Water Wells

by: John H. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW

Price: $90.00

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