Student Spotlight

Tessa Putz

Nevada Water Resources Association would like to spotlight Student of the Month, Tessa Putz. She is currently a Ph.D. student at University of Nevada, Reno. She earned her BS in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management from the University of Washington with subsequent ecology work with a variety of agencies and labs throughout the West.

 Tessa was awarded of the Lake Tahoe Basin Sciences and Research Scholarships and attended the Fall Symposium to receive her scholarship. She is now familiar with NWRA because the application was passed her way and she applied!

 Tessa feels that beyond the wonderful scholarship assistance, which took weight off her school fees and allows her to focus on conducting her research, the invitation to the 2018 Fall Symposium was an interesting event. It exposed her to more of the local water issues as a new Nevada resident. Tessa feels that it was beneficial in her becoming better informed on the state of the resources in this area.

 Tessa feels that students can take advantage of NWRA’s opportunities by attending any NWRA workshop or symposium where they can discover the current research and management that is conducted with our natural resources and the impressive people leading the way in these industries and agencies. She also would encourage students to interact with the professionals involved with NWRA. Tessa states, “I met very interesting people and learned fascinating new information by chatting with people at the Fall Symposium.”

 Tess would like to see the NWRA Board of Directors continue with this great work. Events and scholarships are wonderful ways to encourage students to get involved. NWRA should continue to put on networking events and facilitate job shadowing that would be helpful to students in the water resources field.


Header photo by LEO DROZDOFF